SteadyDSLR Review Video

SteadyDSLR Review and Video Test Footage

"Here we have the "SteadyDSLR" video camera stabilizer. The name is misleading because the rig works with camcorders and DSLRs.

What we like about this stabilizer is that it is a two in one combo rig. The SteadyDSLR is both a "steadicam" and shoulder mount. It works by locking the frame into either position.

We tested it with a 35mm and 18mm lens and the results were extremely smooth looking!
The build is solid with a steel frame, aluminum cheese plate and shoulder mount. The cushy shoulder pad is very easy to adjust and customize for comfort.
The price is right at about $300.
Review SteadDSLR

The GOOD: Solid Build Works with DSLRs Combo Rig Compact/foldable design Great Price

The BAD: Not as quite sensitive as the Steadicam Merlin (no necessarily a bad thing especially with D-SLRs) No option for adding a rail system

OVERALL: Recommended for indie work and for use with D-SLR video cameras."