SteadyDSLR Reviews and Test Videos!

"What we like about this stabilizer is that it is a two in one combo rig. The SteadyDSLR is both a "steadicam" and shoulder mount. It works by locking the frame into either position." SteadyDSLR review and video by HDSLR Tech Deck

Vic T.
"...the steadycam option is unbelievably smooth with my 60d and 10mm lens and the shoulder mount has been my go to rig for almost everything i do."
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 Henry B.
"Hi guys,
I received my steadirig today and was really impressed.
I'm using a Sony Alpha A99 with a Carl Zeis 24-70mm lens and it works great!
The rig is super versatile, and great value for money.
Thanks a bunch!"
Check out the SteadyDSLR here!

Chappell from OSBFreeRun
"I love it! You guys have an amazing product and I've been using it non stop; I can definitely see a difference with my footage. :) Thank you!"
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Gary (CCB Productions)
"So far I got it set up as a steady cam with my 5d mkII and my new t4i. I've got some extremely steady video with my 24mm lens. Love the design and the shoulder support function is a great option..."
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David L.
"Thanks for the super fast shipping! Got it just in time for my gig! Perfect!"
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C.B. (Canon 5Dmkii)
"My Steady dslr arrived today thanks again for the fast shipping! So far i've been able to balance the rig in steady mode with my 5d and 24mm and 18mm lenses. So far so good!"
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Henry (Canon 60D)
"I do commercial videography of performances and need some amount of freedom in movement, this is the perfect product for that as well as being a nice compact unit. Bravo for such a simple yet nicely designed product."
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Eric H.
Albany, NY
"What’s great is that you’ve combined a shoulder rig with a steadicam. It works great in either function and it saved me a ton of money."

Juan M.
Burbank, CA
"Thanks for the balancing tips and for making such a great product. I’ve been using my steadydslr with a Canon 5d and have been getting some seriously steady videos."

Chase B.
Portland, ME
"Sold my Merlin on eBay! The Steadydslr is so much easier and faster to set up and shoot! No more messing around for an hour trying to get the Merlin to stop swaying. What I like about the Steadydslr is how simple it is to get balanced. The shoulder rest option is a bonus!"

M.M. (Canon 7D)
Seattle, WA
"I do a lot of wedding videos and the Steady DSLR system is the perfect solution. It’s compact enough to fit in my camera bag, it goes from steadycam to shoulder mount mode quickly and it stabilizes what were once shaky handheld shots. Thanks guys!"

Jess G.
Miami, FL
"Glad you make a video camera stabilizer that I can actually afford! I’ve wanted a glidecam or something similar for a long time and the steady dslr is perfect.... I was surprised with how lightweight it was compared to other shoulder supports."

Alex (Nikon D7000)
Montreal, Canada
"This thing is very clever and sleek. I’ll be using it on a couple indie films I’ve got coming up this fall. Got it dialed in with my t3i and it’s super smooth! I’ll keep you posted and send you guys some clips. Cheers."
Check out the SteadyDSLR here!